6 Types of Baby Clothes You Should Buy For Your Child

  • Rompers

If you are thinking of buying new baby clothes in Malaysia for your baby, don’t forget to look into rompers. Romper is a bottom and a top in one, typically with snaps at the crotch area for easier diaper changes. You would love its fashion-forward styles! It’s an excellent option for playdates, photoshoots and family gatherings. 

  • Baby Sunglasses

Babies in sunglasses look so A-list, right? But, apart from style, it also provides your child protection from the sun’s rays. Make sure to find lenses that offer 100% UV protection. Let your little one wear it before you head for a stroll. 

  • Bodysuits

Baby bodysuits, or onesies, are must-haves for your little one’s wardrobe. Onesies are also go-to baby shower gifts. The only problem with this is that babies grow up fast. It would be nice to have lots of sizes, and a collection of prints which are easy to mix and match. 

  • Beanie Hats

Since babies get cold easily, a hat is a good way to regulate body temperature. Wherever you are, you can keep your infant child warm. Just don’t forget to toss the beanie hat inside the bag.    

  • Baby Socks

Consider baby socks are tiny climate controllers. Regardless of the month your child was born, having lots of socks is an assurance that you’re her feet would stay warm all the time. Moreover, socks are good accessories to any outfit. 

  • Sleepers

A sleeper is good for keeping babies cozy and warm. Whether she is just staying at home, or playing outside with other babies, she would surely feel comfortable while wearing one. It is also the perfect outfit that would allow easier diaper changes.