Learn More About eCommerce

eCommerce pertains to a vast range of online business activities. It also refers to any kind of business transaction in which all parties interact electronically–no physical exchanges. Usually, people associate ecommerce with selling and buying over the digital landscape.

While some people use ebusiness and ecommerce interchangeable, they are actually distinct concepts. In ecommerce, ICT (information and communication technology) is used in inter-organizational or inter-business transactions, and in business-to-consumer transactions.

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The Three main processes which are enhanced in eBusiness

Production processes.

This includes procurement, replenishment and ordering of stocks, payment processing, electronic links with suppliers, and production control processes.

Customer-focused processes.

This process includes marketing and promotional efforts, online selling, customer order processing and customer support.

Internal management processes.

This includes employee training, employee services, internal information sharing, recruiting and video conferencing.

Every eBusiness Model Should Have:

A shared online business infrastructure.

It comes with digital distribution and digital production technologies (wireless/broadband networks, information management systems, content creation technologies), allowing business participants to build and use network economies.

A good model for operations.

This includes integrated value chains.

An eBusiness management model.

It is composed of business partnerships and teams.

Social, Policy and regulatory systems.

These are business policies which are consistent with distance learning, ecommerce laws and incentive schemes.