Web Design

Improve Your Bounce Rate: Brilliant Website Design Techniques

Include an FAQ.

Having a frequently asked questions page in your website is definitely a good idea. It can provide great value for your visitors. If they have an important question, all they need to do is go to this page. But, what if you don’t have one? Well, they might get frustrated, and leave your website.

Use white space.

Negative space, or white space, pertains to those blank areas in between images and text. This may seem like a minor detail, but it’s actually an essential website design feature. An effective use of white space can make a big difference in your website’s readability.

Use eye-catching, unique images.

Who wouldn’t love to look at beautiful photos? Low, resolution or blurry ones will appear unprofessional, and can ruin your chances of getting valuable customers. Make sure to include high-quality ones that will load fast.

Include a contact page.

Many people visit websites because they want to reach out to businesses and bloggers. This function as a bridge between you and your customer. They would be able to reach out to you easily.

Declutter your website for faster load times.

How can you improve your bounce rate? Address your website’s loading time. Website visitors are always impatient, so you need to capture their attention in just around three seconds.

Optimize your website for conversions.

When you fully optimize your web pages for conversions, you can make the browsing experience a lot easier. Any form of confusion would push them to click off your entire website.

Utilize visual hierarchy.

Enhancing your web pages with an efficient visual hierarchy is almost the same as fully optimizing your website for conversions. Use large text sizes, bright colors and bold fonts. Use visual cues in order to show people your most important content.

Include social share buttons.

Through social share buttons, you blog would be easier to share. Each post on your website must include feature buttons. This way, you can encourage your visitors to share it to their friends.