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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing a Watch

Back in the day, luxury watches were a thing. Today, they are still considered highly-valuable, albeit that they are usually trumped by their more modern competition. I am referring to smartphones and tablets and you can also factor in new-age smartwatches as well. That being said, despite the fact that there are smartphones out there (and I am going to assume that you are using one while reading this article), there are still some compelling reasons why you should be wearing a watch in this day and age. Today, I am going to go over those reasons and you’d want to consider buying one after you’ve read this post.

1. It Reflects Your Success in Life

If you’ve watched an episode of Mad Men, you will find out that the most successful men in the show are wearing a wristwatch. Wearing a watch is a status symbol. Some people even went on to say that they wear a status watch because it is an accessory that can tell other people that you are well off in life. Putting on a Patek Philippe watch while you’re in a business meeting can surely turn it into a conversation piece. A person who is wearing a watch can also signal to other people that you are an organized person since you always value time and you want to make sure that everything in your daily schedule is met.

2. It is Much More Reliable

The millennial crowd would often be engrossed in the newest smartphones in the market and because other people want to have those things as well, you are more likely to lose a smartphone than a watch.
Sure, a luxury watch might be quite appealing to people who know the value and craftsmanship of said timepiece but for the most part, you are likely to lose a phone than a watch, even to this day.

3. It Improves Your Look

I know that you can agree with me on this that a person who is not wearing a watch simply doesn’t have class. Sure, you can tell the time by looking at your smartphones, but does using one make you a sophisticated gentleman? I don’t think so. Try picturing yourself wearing a formal suit without a watch. It not only looks wrong but it also feels wrong as well.

4. It is a Mark of Self-expression

There are many different watches out there on the market and you could say that there is always something for everyone. If you want a casual watch with a white resin band and a white watch face, there are plenty of them out there. Women love to accessorize and they want watches that can match their style. The good news is, as I’ve said earlier, there is always one that will suit your taste.

5.It is Convenient

Which is faster: Looking at your phone to tell the time or wearing a watch and glancing over your wrist? Both of them could be faster than the other, but wearing a watch makes it convenient no matter what the scenario is. For instance, are you able to look at your phone when you are in the shower? I bet you couldn’t, however, you can do that with a waterproof watch.