5 Brilliant Tips in Office Interior Designing

1.Color Scheme

Any interior design company in Malaysia would tell their clients to focus on choosing the right color schemes for their offices. For a professional-looking workplace, it’s best to use sober or formal colors. Using colors which are too vibrant may cause employee distraction.

2.Space Allocation

Different office departments require different space areas. Throughout the process of office interior design, you must completely understand the required spaces for every area. This would usually depend on the number of employees who are going to work there on a regular basis.


Make sure to get great office furniture pieces. Choose them wisely–everything should be comfortable and stylish. That chair on which you will be sitting on the entire day needs to be comfortable.

4.Storage Space

Any office need a variety of items in order to manage the business smoothly. The storage aspect of the office must be adequately designed. Your cabinets must be accessible. Utilize tables with very spacious drawers. If possible, all workstations should be integrated with quality office storage solutions such as filing cabinets and drawers.

5.Ventilation and Light

All offices must be well-lighted. As much as possible, natural light should be able to get in the room without any problem. Place your curtains and windows strategically. This would lighten your work place, and improve the flow of natural air.