Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

14 Essential Tips in 2018 for Improving Your Web Design

Every website should have a design that embodies positive user experience and functionality. Your website’s design must be able to communicate the right message with the audience. So, how can you improve your website’s overall look? Below are 14 important tips based on the website creation company.

  1. White Spaces

Whitespace, or negative space, is a crucial design element that can help improve readability. It pertains to the specific areas that are lacking any content or some visual elements. Extra spaces may appear awkward for some, but it is actually good for content prioritization and readability. Make sure that your posts are properly organized and grouped.

  1. Mobile Optimization

 Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile. It is essential to tailor your web pages according to the needs of your visitors. If most users today browse websites through their phones and other gadgets, then you need to focus on mobile optimization.

  1. Get Found

 Are you determined to improve your online presence? Then, you must strategize further so your target audience can find your website. How? Develop and implement an SEO strategy that takes into account your target market and buyer persona.

  1. Never Stop Testing

 Continuously research about your target readers and customers. Evaluate conversion paths. How far do they scroll? What are the elements they are clicking? Learn more about their behavior, and improve your strategy from there.

  1. Identify Broken Links and Unknown 404

 Do you have broken links and pages in your website? To know this, you must go through your entire website to check every detail. If you want to make your life easier, there are tools you can utilize to help you get started.

  1. Have a Plan

 Monitor your buyer’s journey. Find out what types of content they love to read, what web pages they love viewing, and what offers will convert them to loyal customers. Once you figure this out, you’ll be able to understand which design and elements will help you grow leads through eh sales funnel.

  1. Remove Useless Elements From Your Website

 Some website elements can distract your users from understanding the real message and value of your website. These distractions may range from unnecessary web images, long blog posts and complicated animations. Remove all of these useless elements, and focus on providing short, powerful and concise sections.

  1. Include Follow Buttons and Social Share

 It’s not only about creating compelling content that are worth sharing. You need to take advantage of the opportunity to share your content. Make sure your website has social share buttons. If not, surely, you are missing out on lots of traffic!

  1. Include Calls-to-Action Statements

 What happens after users land on your website? Some of them wouldn’t know where to go. What pages should they view next? What actions must they take? That’s where call-to-action statements come in. Provide them some direction. Call-to-action statements the future steps a user must make to land the next useful information.


  1. Use the Right Images

 Make sure to utilize the right images for your blog posts or any type of content. Choose the most appropriate ones, most especially if you are using stock photos. If you are producing content for your business website, you may want to use photos of real people at the office, working hard on their own tables.

  1. Navigation

 No user would to scan a confusing and disorganized web page. An organized navigation interface is the key to a positive user experience. See to it that your readers and customers will find the content they are looking for in an instant. If you need to eliminate some elements, just to make the experience much smoother for them, please do so.

  1. Let Your Visitors Scroll on Your Homepage

Don’t worry about creating a longer homepage. You can include around 3 to 5 sections of content that can help new and old users to specific areas on your website.

  1. Create New or Unique Offerings

 They say that one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into loyal customers is to present them with efficient demos, offers discounts and freebies. Capture their attention with elements or items they find attractive.

  1. Update Your Content To Appeal to Your Persona

 Focus on your website or blog writing. Copies can make or break your business’ reputation. When writing copies, think about how you can impress your visitors. This can be a time-consuming meticulous work, but it can positively impact the way people see your business.